TENAX Cartridge Dispenser


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Professional Dispenser, Bi-Component model for 200ml cartridges with ratio mix 1:1 and 2:1. Suitable for the extrusion of adhesives in cartridges composed
by two components with a total quantity of 200ml. Plastic adaptors are easy to replace to reach ratio 10:1 (adaptor kit for ratio 10:1 available if

Cartridge Capacity: 200ml

Ratio 1:1 – 2:1

Maximum Thrust: (plunger) 4.5 kN

Weight: 1150g

Thrust-to-progress ratio 26:1

Metal structure, reinforced by three containment stems to hold the cartridge.

Ergonomic gun grip in steel coated with epoxy resin, fixed to the gun are structure galvanised nutts and plastic supports to stabilise the cartridge.
Double clutch in galvanised steel to obtain high performance and very low piston wear.