ROYAL Diamond Blade For Porcelain


Main Feature: Double layer sandwich diamond blade wet cut – the main cutting edge has 28 segments can be used for cutting
and Mitre 45 Deg

One Of The Best Bridge Saw Blades On The Market 

Use: Wet Use Only

Materials: Gres Porcelain, Dekton, Neolith , Laminam, Maximum, Marazzi, Lapitec, Atlas Plan, Sapien, Inalco, Porcelanosa 

Size: 50/60mm Bore –    350mm- 3.0mm Normal Core  –         400mm 3.2mm  Sandwhich 


( 350mm is Not Sandwhich Blade , Normal Core )



Cutting Speed: High

Finish: Excellent

Lifespan: Very High

Equipment: CNC Bridge Saw 

Restoring the diamond blade is easy with dressing stone art. 395B.