MONTOLIT Work Bench For Large Format Tiles


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Tiling professionals are increasingly requested to work with large format tiles and porcelain slabs. These products are indeed becoming more and more popular
and though their sizes can vary, we’re still talking about 1 meter x 3 meter slabs or even larger.

For this reason, Montolit has created the Art.300-15, the work bench for large format tiles with an aluminum and steel structure. Its particularity is
in the fact of being modular, thus responding to the different requirements given by the size of the material which professional tilers find themselves
dealing with.

Among the features of this work bench there are robustness, stability, practicality, easiness to carry and, of course, modularity.

The size of each work bench is 180cm by 90cm, with a height of 83cm. The weight is 31kg.

Montolit has created this work bench for large tiles based on the daily needs of both tile setters and porcelain slabs manufacturers.

The following video shows the use of a profiling system for different types of porcelain tiles, as well as stone and large format slabs. In the case of
this specific demonstration, given the large size of the porcelain slab, the work bench used was actually the Art. 300-15.