MONTOLIT Dressing Stone For Diamond Blades And Diamond Core Bits


Montolit’s dressing stone is the right tool to use on diamond blades and diamond core bits to keep them in perfect condition, increasing or restoring their
cutting and drilling ability. This dressing stone has been designed for use on diamond rim products commonly used on drills, grinders and water-cooled
electric tile saws. It is easy to use and contributes to preventing breakages and malfunction.

The dressing stone may be used dry or wet. It restores the diamond particles of the blade which have been dulled as a consequence of cutting or drilling
hard porcelain tiles.

Depending on the condition (wear) of a specific diamond blade or core-bit, it will be necessary to use the dressing stone only once or several times, simply
by drilling or cutting a few centimeters of this dressing stick.

The dressing stones 395B and 395BJ are particularly suitable to dress wet use diamond blades, especially if you aim to achieve a cut with high level finishing.