MONTOLIT Diamond Core FPU Milling Dry Bits


FPU available in 10 or 20 mm diameter (FPU10 and FPU20).

FPU is a versatile milling bit designed to enlarge, shape and/or round bevel existing holes in Porcelain, Hard Ceramic, Granite and Marble.

FPU is also suitable to easily create round side indentation necessary to accomodate pipes or electric wire lines.

This is a save money tool because with only one standard core bit + one FPU you are able to create many different hole sizes, without needing to buy several
different core bits.

FPU is manufactured with top quality raw materials and high end production processes to grant outstanding performances.

It can be used with any standard grinder. No adaptors needed.

 Equipment : M14 Thread Angle Grinder

Recommended for Tile Setters, General Contractors, Plumbers and Electricians.

Attention! FPU isn’t designed to make holes. FPU is designed to shape and enlarge existing holes.