MONTOLIT Diamond Blade Sector DNA SCX


The SCX diamond blade is internationally considered to be one of the best diamond wet saw blades ever produced by Montolit Tools.

A particular world patent called DNA holds the key to position the diamond in the best angle of the blade, allowing the blade to make outstanding cuts
on any ceramic tile. This technology greatly increases the cutting capacity of the wet saw, with a performance sometimes 100% higher than that of similar
blades. Thanks to these specific characteristics, the SCX diamond blade is now one of the few available on the market able to cut very hard and thick
porcelain tile (up to 3 cm).

SCX is designed to be used on any electrical tile cutter produced by the major international brands. The original diamond blade pack comes with adapters
(reductions) which might be necessary depending on the type of electric tile cutter to be used. Created only a few years ago, SCX DNA technology is
now one of the most professional diamond blades in the world.

It is recommended by leading ceramic manufacturers to solve problems related to cutting and laying the more challenging porcelain tiles.

High-speed and a long life span are the main characteristics of DNA technology. To keep a high and constant performance of the blade, it is good practice
to restore it at the end of a day of use with the abrasive dressing stone art. 395B.

Utilization: Wet use

Height Band Diamond: Standard

Material: Ceramic “pro”, porcelain stoneware, granite

Application: Laying tiles and marble slabs


Speed: High

Finish: Good

Lifespan: Very High

Use: Wet tile cutter, table sawing machine , Wet Saw 

Renewable blades with abrasive stone art395B