MONTOLIT Bimbo Electric Stone And Tile Drilling Machine


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Electric, water-cooled core bit drill designed for drilling ceramic and stone. Arbor capable of accommodating all Montolit FA series bits from 5 to 120
mm. Also capable of cutting holes in two or more overlaid tiles.

How To Use:

After activating the safety switch on the machine’s power cable, start the motor with the button on the machine enclosure. Before drilling, open the
tap on the water-feed container, which has to be positioned above the hole-cutter. Once water starts running down the inside of the tool (and not before),
press the handles without using excessive force. To avoid notching the surface of the tile support table, use the stop rod.


Electric Stone and Tile Drilling Machine is made of aluminium and steel coated with special high-thickness paint to withstand the most severe working
conditions, the machine can also be used on the respective support (art. 995), to facilitate repetitive or workshop tasks. Equipped with all the electrical
safety devices envisaged in the most stringent work safety standards.

Exceptionally easy to handle, due to its light weight and compact size; extremely versatile (can also be used on materials that have already been installed)
and precise and incredibly simple to use.