MLT Levelling System Kit


MLT Leveling System Kit

MLT Systems introduces the industry’s latest technology in Mechanical Lippage Tuning. Consisting of three major components (Reusable Cap, Ready strap,
Setting Tool), this system achieves the least amount of waste possible. The unique reusable cap allows for the install to “unlock” from the strap in
case adjustments need to be made after initial placement.

KIT 100 / 200 Includes:

  • 100 Reusable Caps or 200 Caps
  • 100 Ready  Straps or 200 Ready strap
  • 1 Ergonomic Tool
  • Carrying Case


  • Designed and engineered to be disengaged if you need to re-position.
  • Base Plates available for Porcelain or Thin Tile.
  • Reusable straps can be used multiple times, lowering overall expense.
  • Ready Straps are fast and effective
  • Base Plate design allows for maximum adhesive coverage
  • Optional Stainless Steel tongue insert will greatly prolong the working life of each cap.
  • Optional Rubber Feet prevent scratching.
  • Optional Metal Inserts Sold Separately

MLT System Installation:

  • Pre-assemble reusable connecting tab and base plate:
    • Push stainless steel portion of the re-usable connecting tab through the center opening of the selected base plate.
    • Pull connecting tab until the “snap lock” engageS.
  • Insert at approximately 60mm from the corners 
  • Do not place them under a four-corner junction as lippage may result and also greatly increase the difficulty to produce a straight grout joint line.
  • To unlock the assembly after initial placement, slide the cap in the direction of the grout line while holding the strap.
  • To remove:
    • Set tension setting dial on “S” for “Snap”
    • Place installation/removal tool atop re-usable cap and engage the re-usable connecting tab.
  • When using MLT System for installations of thin tile, un-glazed, or highly polished materials, it is strongly recommended to use the fitted Rubber
    Pad sold separately.