ELEPHANT Pneumatic Vacuum Lifter For Marble Slabs With 2 Suction Pad

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LM2RP – Vacuum Lifter With 2 Suction Pads


• Structure with 0°-90° pneumatic tilting which allows to work more easily.

• Continuous vacuum pump powered by compressed air.

• Vacuum gauge with graduated and coloured scale to more easily monitor the degree of vacuum.

• Powerful and quiet vacuum generator with reduced air consumption of 100 lt/min.

• Operating pressure 4/6 Bar.

• Blocking/unblocking rapid device for longitudinally adjusting the pads and 0°-90° adjustment by unthreading the pads.

• Gaskets made of rubberized fabric and mousse suitable for smooth, flammed and bush-hammered surfaces.

• High-limit yielding steel suction pads made of first quality materials.

• No-falling non-return valve for vacuum.

• Sliding valve to control gripping and releasing of the material with safety block against involuntary manoeuvres.

• Ample safety tank in aluminium for vacuum reserve, to guarantee gripping even when there is a power cut and with condensation discharge valve.

• Acoustic and visual alarm system which automatically signals a low vacuum degree. It works autonomously by means of rechargeable batteries and it
is supplied with the appropriate battery charger at 220 volt.