BLEISPITZ Profi Marker Set For Tile And Stone


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Set of Graphite Color Pen Profi Marker Granite Stone Pen Set- 2 Pens and 17 markers

  • Made of durable brass material, with useful clip
  • Allwriter lead marks on almost any surface, no matter if it is dry or wet: cars, tiles, bricks, wet and dry wood, glass, rubber, tyres, ceramics, concrete,
    metal, plastic …
  • Graphite lead marks on wood, paper and carton
  • Sharpener inside the push button for graphite lead
  • Refills available: graphite lead (HB) and allwriter lead (red and yellow)


Perfect for Tile, Granite, Marble, Engineered Stone, quartz and all natural stones.

Durable enough to not wash off during fabrication

 Profi Marker pens are perfect for marking the stone during fabrication.

Made in Germany, these pens are very high quality.

Better than China markers or grease pens because they do not leave a grease film behind it.

Simply push the back side and the front opens to allow the omnichrome type wax markers to slide out to the desired length.

To load a new marker, simply push the back side and allow the “mouth” to open.

Insert the new marker and you are ready in 2 seconds.

Use the yellow or red to write on medium to dark colored stone and use the black(gray) marker for the light colored stones.

Writes Through Standing Water.


Comes with:

2 blue refill pens

1 box of 5 Red markers (plus 1 marker already installed in one of the pens)

1 box of 5 Black Graphite markers (plus 1 marker already installed in one of the pens)

1 box of 5 Yellow markers


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