ALPHA Vortex For Marble


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Intricate & Flush Cutting Blade for Marble

Alpha® expanded it’s line of flush cutting and intricate cutting applications by introducing a new blade, the Alpha® Vortex, which is specifically designed
for cutting marble and softer stones. Similar in the design to the Alpha® Libero, the Alpha® Vortex has an advanced electroplated bond which outperforms
any other blade when cutting softer grades of natural stone. The dual side protection segments improve the strength and durability, while creating
a flush cutting blade superior to any other available in the market. Together with the quad adapter, this blade is designed to fit on most high-speed
angle grinders. Stone fabricators will love the versatility of this blade and the ease with which it can complete flush cutting operations. Whether
you use this blade in the shop or in the field, it brings you the quality and long life you expect from a premium blade, with the convenience of accurate
and precise cutting performance on softer types of natural stone.