ALPHA Ceramica Dry Polishing Pads


Alpha® has expanded its line of polishing pads to now include a dry version of the superior Ceramica Resin. These pads utilise a new technology which provides
a thicker diamond layer, thus creating better quality results and a longer life compared to the typical pads on the market today. Ceramica Dry is perfect
for all natural stones and cement-based composites such as concrete and terrazzo. They are hook and loop backed and utilise Alpha® Backer Pads. They
are available in 4” and have grits of 60, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, and 3000. The grit sequence is specifically formulated to provide the best possible

Alpha Ceramica Dry:

• Dry Polish All Natural Stones and Cement-Based Composites
• For Use On Sanders and Polishers
• Thick Diamond Layer for Better Quality Results
• Hook & Loop Backed for Quick Grit Changes
• Use On Popular Hand-Held Wet Polishers
• Available in 4” and 5”